What We Offer

Many associations, regardless of size and history, find themselves searching for a better way to execute the day-to-day work necessary to achieve the mission and goals of the organization.  Very often a core group of volunteers find the growth of the organization and expanding workload overwhelming and in competition with their professional job responsibilities and other commitments.  In addition, associations with part-time or full-time staff can find turnover rates challenging and the ability to manage the varied facets of the organization limited by scarce resources.

GW Association Management Solutions can provide support in a number of ways.  Would your Treasurer prefer to have an office staff that manages deposits, disbursements, overall bookkeeping and 990 preparation so that he/she can focus on overseeing the financial aspects of the organization?  Would it help your Board Chair and Secretary to have someone else responsible for creating and distributing meeting agendas and minutes, maintaining membership lists and scheduling Board and subcommittee meetings? 

If a professional staff was managing your continuing education and meeting planning, could it result in significantly more revenue being generated to support the organization?  Do you worry that, over the long term, your organization will lose institutional memory and important records will be misplaced as Board members retire or leave the Board?  Does it take longer than it should for your website to be updated?

The benefit of having a full-time office of professionals to help with these issues and other tasks listed below is invaluable. 

Association Formation, Management, and Governance

  • Incorporation Documents and Tax Exempt Status

  • By-laws and Mission Statement Establishment

  • Board Formation and Recruitment

  • Recordkeeping and Regulatory Compliance

  • Coordination and Staffing of Board Meetings

Budgeting and Financial Management

  • Daily Bookkeeping and Account Reconciliation

  • Financial Statements and Budget Forecasts

  • Dues Invoicing and Collection

  • 990 Assistance and Preparation

  • Grant Seeking and Administration

 Membership Development

  • Membership Roster Retention

  • New Member Recruitment

  • Continuing Education and Member Programs

Communications to Members

  • Agendas

  • Minutes

  • Hard Copy and E-Blast Newsletters and Updates

Conference and Event Management

  • Sponsor Recruitment

  • Exhibit and Tradeshow Management

  • Presentation Development and Design

  • Trainings and Continuing Education

  • Effective Annual Meetings and Webinars


Strategic Planning and Leadership Development

  • Board Trainings

  • Long-Term Goal Setting

  • Program Development

  • Advocacy Oversight and Management

  • Partnership and Coalition Building

Graphic Design

  • Logo Development

  • Collateral Materials

  • Printing Services

  • Newsletters


  • Website Design and Updating

  • Social Media Management

  • Publicity and Press Releases

  • Advertising

  • Event Photography

Office Infrastructure and Administration

  • Phone Mailbox and Office Address

  • Mail Services

  • Bulk Mail Coordination

  • Meeting Space